Operations of HKGSA

The operations of the HKGSA is governed the Constitution, and is operated by a 20-person Executive Commitee, which is led by a Chairman, three (3) Vice-Chairmen, a Honorary Secretary and a Honorary Treasurer. The Executive Committee holds regular meetings on a bi-monthly basis.

The HKGSA is also supported by a group of Fellow Members of 50 people. These Fellow Members comprise outstanding and long-serving professionals in the academic, industrial, engineering fields as well as active practitioners. The Executive Committee will draw on the vast reserve of support and diversified spectrum of knowledge as required for the benefits of its members.

Further, a Young Members Chapter (YMC) was established in July 2015, to assist the Executive Committee in implementing its directions and objectives, and to nurture the next generation of environmental leaders. The operations of the YMC is governed by the Terms of Reference, duly approved by the Executive Committee.